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Though water is a renewable resources, it’s availability in appropriate quantity and quality is under severe stresss due to increasing demand from various sector.
Agriculture is the largest use of water which consumes more than 80% of the coutry’s exploitable water resources. The over all development of the agriculture sector is largely dependant on the judicious use of the avvilable water resources

Drip Irrigation has arguably become the most important innovation in agriculture, which replaced wasteful flood irrigation. It is becoming more widely used for row crop irrigation especially in areas when water supplies are limited or re-cycled water is used for irrigation.

For irrigation the plant – it’s main source is water – which is gift of the almighty – comes in the form of rain – which comes some time in abudance or not at all.

Hence, since the age of man kind various form of drip irrigation has been adopted since ages – like in the ancient days – days of adam and eve – people used to keep a pot full of water and make a small hole in the pot in order to allow the water to flow drip by drip.

As the days rolled over and the year passed there has been a tremendous improvement in drip irrigation and the latest technology is as under

The present day technology which is being followed by all over the world involves watering the plants at the root zone through emitter fitted on a net work of pipes – i.e., mains, sub- mains, and lateral, the emitting devices could be drippers, micro sprinklers, mini sprinklers, micro jets, misters, fan jets, micro sprayers foggers, connecting pipes etc. These accessirues are designed to discharge water at the presecribed requirements thus enabling uniformity of supply water.

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